Thursday, June 23, 2011

Daily Review: Sexy in Stillettos

Rating: 5 (1 worst- 5 best)

Sexy In Stilettos ~ If you don't know Lanaindana from YouTube you have no idea what you are missing. Sexy In Stilettos was inspired by my good friend and one sweet and genuine lady. Lana "IS" sexy in her Stilettos and we know you will agree that this is one sexy scent!! Created with Lana's favorite scents in mind, a touch of sweetness and oriental musk make this a must have scent for the summer!! Colored red after the soles of Lana's favorite shoes this candle is sure to delight!!

This is a really nice sweet scent. It has that perfume scent and is very sttrong. It reminds me of the Dark Kiss scent from Bath and Body Works. This is a really hard scent to describe, but if you like sweet perfume/ vanilla (ish) scents I would try this one out!

p.s. Thank you Victoria for advertising my page, this is only my second day blogging and having multiple views and two followers is great!

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