Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daily Review: Cherry Fizzy Pop

Rating : 5 (1 worst-5 best)

Cherry Fizzy Pop~ Our wonderful Fizzy Pop with a splash of Cherry to make you say yummy!!

This is such an amazing scent! It is one I would never have choice but it came as a free scent shot. It smells excatly like Cherry 7 Up. It is so cool becuase you can even smell the carbonation, it even tickles your nose. It is a really pretty red color. It is a really strong scent. It is such a fun scent and is great for summer!

-Evie :)


  1. You should try Fizzy Pop! I'm not a huge fan of this because I'm not a huge fan of cherry scents but I really like Fizzy Pop. It's like 7 Up and a great mixer scent!

  2. I will try it in my nest order or maybe even lemon lime fizz from the sweet treat line! Did you hear that CBV is having a huge sale on July 1! Im really excited! :)