Wednesday, June 22, 2011

About Candles by Victoria

Hey Guys!

Candles by Victoria is an amazing place, it is a family run business in Texas were they handpour candles. They offer over 600 scents in the categories: Bakery, Floral, Fruity, House Blend, Tropical, Christmas, Clean, Earthy, Perfume/ Cologne and Candlemans Closet. They have everything from a flower scent to a peice of bacon scent. They have 18 pages full of different types of candles. They have their oh so famous scent shots (one comes free in each order) and their tart warmers! They have jars of candles in the sizes: 4 oz, 8 oz, 9 oz and 16 oz and all of the sampler packs. They have decrotive candles, that are absolutely adorable, they have smaller ones in the sweet treat line and larger one in there comfort candle line. They have really pretty glitter candles and have their modern cube candle. There is so much to explore go check it out at their website listed above. Also check out Victoria's Youtube Channel CBVictoria!

-Evie <3

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