Saturday, January 28, 2012

Daily Review: Texas Summer

Rating: 2.5 (5 best-1 worst)

Texas Summer ~ Lilac, Bluebonnet & Magnolia.

I like this scent but it is WAY to strong for me. If I burn this again I will be mixing it with something else, burn less of it or burn it in a large space. It smells very floral and clean. It reminds me of an open field in the summertime.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daily Review: Mistletoe

Rating: 5 (1worst- 5 best) I LOVE THIS SCENT!

Mistletoe~ This scent reminds you of a holiday gift basket filled with citrus fruits and spices. A perfect blend of fragrances from dried oranges to cinnamon sticks.

I LOVE this scent, it is one of my favorite Christmas scents! I think it is good all year round, but it is a great scent for the winter time. It is citrus and spice and everything nice, hah.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Daily Review: Indonesian Delight

Rating: 4 (1 worst- 5 best)

Indonesian Delight ~ The top note sparkles with crisp dewfruit, mandarin oranges, tangerines and sweet berries. The heart combines a midley of pineapple, mimosa blossoms, peaches, plums, fruity jasmine and soft lavender. The base is a beauitful lily and vanilla.

WOW! This is such a great complex scent. It is a perfect blend of fruit and floral with a creamy note. It is very strong and gives an amazing throw. Perfect spring scent but is also great all year round. I have it sitting next to me on the table not burning and I can smell it as I type this. Such a good scent!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Daily Review: Snow Storm

Rating: 4 (1 worst- 5 best)

Snow Storm ~ A delectable mix of mint at the heart you will find a hint of violet ending with soft powdery dry down notes of musk.

I love this scent! It is the perfect winter floral. It is a very nice flower fresh scent with peppermint. This is one of my moms new favorites. When it melts it is the perfect balance of the two scents! :)


Daily Review: Eucalyptus Spearmint

Rating: 4 (1 worst- 5 best)
Eucalyptus and Spearmint ~ A refreshing blend of eucalyptus and spearmint--without the Vicks smell. I absolutely love it!!!!

I love this scent!! I love to melt this scent when I am stressed. I had midterms last week and melted this often. It smells like a pack of spearmint gum with a relaxing note!

Where have I been??

I AM SO SORRY!! I completely forgot about this blog. :(
I will start posting on this more regularly, I promise. :)